Sports Injuries

Athletes are susceptible to numerous injuries, depending on the sport they are involved in.

For eg. football players have a higher incidence of knee injuries such as ACL tears. Fast bowlers in cricket are more prone to shoulder injuries. Ankle injuries are common in most track and field athletes.

An injured athlete needs special treatment to be able to get back to his/her game as early as possible. They should be able to reach their peak fitness to give optimal performance. Hence, managing an athlete needs surgical and rehabilitation protocols different from a regular person.

Also, with increased participation in amateur sports activities, there has been a spurt in sports-related musculo-skeletal injuries which needs to be addressed on an individual basis.

Sports medicine places great emphasis on preventing sports injuries, by regular conditioning, proper training and optimal nutrition.

Dr. Nayak has helped sportspersons from fields as varied as cricket, football, kabaddi and badminton regain their pre-injury form. We have a dedicated sports physiotherapist and nutritionist working as a team for athletes.

Learn how to avoid injuries while running :

Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries